Silvia Banti is a world renowned designer with over 20 years’ experience in ballroom gowns.

Silvia was born into a family of seamstresses and has had a passion for sewing and design from a very young age. Through many years of art teaching she developed the desire to transform her work for fashion and soon after she created her own brand.

She is currently regarded as one of the leading designers in the dance world, creating dream dresses for the most famous dancers, her name is recognised around the world.

From bust to hips, each dress is tailor-made to suit the wearer alone, as each is made-to-measure… this fact strongly links her to tradition … “made-to-measure” is our high standard of quality.


“My ideas come from observing the fabric and the person, this is how I develop the most suitable dress; by looking at the fabric I can create a model and the possible recipient among my clients. I work directly without any paper pattern, cutting the cloth directly: this also ensures I never make two similar garments…. the process is still strictly by hand.

When people ask me for a dress that is the same as the first one I made, it will never be identical… this is also because of the craftsmanship nature of the process, in line with my uniqueness … Many of my creations are not born from drawings, but by building the dress directly on the mannequin, so my seamstresses follow a method that differs from the traditional one… “